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Reporting Issues & Ensuring Quality

Check here how to report issues found in reboom app

Published on 10/25/2023Sébastien Vassaux

🌟 How Reboom Ensures Quality 🌟

We employ robust development practices to minimize issues:

📋 Detailed Specifications

Before coding, we draft detailed specs to provide clear guidance to our teams.

🧪 Functional Test-Driven Approach

Each feature comes with auto-executing test code. Tests run with each deployment to ensure old features remain unaffected.

🔄 Small Iterations

We roll out about 60 updates monthly. These small updates make it easier to identify areas affected, allowing for both manual and automated testing.

🚨 Real-Time Monitoring

We track system performance and user experience, often fixing issues before they impact our community.

🕵️ Troubleshooting: Your Local Setup 🖥️

Before reporting an issue, rule out problems specific to your own setup:

  1. 🔍 Is it Reproducible?
  2. 🌐 Use Google Chrome
  3. 🧹 Clear Cache and Reload
  4. 🕶️ Private Browsing & No Extensions

If the problem persists, follow the next steps for bug reporting.

🐞 How to Characterize a Bug 🐞

📝 Reproduction Scenario

List the steps to reproduce, expected and actual outcomes. For example:

  • Visit URL
  • Click title
  • Enter text
  • Validate
  • Expect new name to register
  • Old name still appears

📸 Error Screenshots

  • Capture any error messages.

🖥️ Browser Console Messages

  • Open browser console.
  • Reproduce the bug.
  • Take screenshot of any error messages.

📹 Interface Video

  • Record the issue using the Screenity extension.

📩 How to Send Information 📩

  • Use the contact form for text-only info.
  • Use the chat bubble in the app for attachments like screenshots or videos.
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