Optimize traffic analysis
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Optimize traffic analysis

Unlock superior website insights with GA4's server-side tracking. Dive deep into user behavior, bypass ad blockers, and enhance site performance for data-driven success

Published on 10/17/2023Sébastien Vassaux

The Importance of Tracking Analytics

Analytics tracking provides invaluable insights into user behavior, helping businesses understand their audience, refine their strategies, and improve overall website performance. By analyzing user interactions, businesses can make data-driven decisions, optimize user experience, and boost conversions.

Server-side tracking with GA4 ensures accurate data collection, bypasses ad blockers, reduces website latency, offers enhanced data flexibility, and integrates seamlessly with other systems.

Implement a redirect from a subdomain to our tagging server

Reboom utilizes Google Analytics 4 Server-side to track events on our hosted domains.

For enhanced tracking, we suggest setting up a redirection from one of your subdomains to our tagging server. Adblockers typically don't block requests made to subdomains, ensuring you benefit from optimized analytics.

To proceed, please:

  1. Visit your domain provider.
  2. Add a type A DNS entry.
  3. Set the value to tag.melba.io.
  4. Enter a random TTL value between 60 and 300.
  5. Confirm your changes.

Great job, you're all set!

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