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Generate a blog automatically

Learn how reboom can help you get unlimited inbound leads thanks to an AI generated blog of thousands of pages matching queries your audience is interested in. Quality text content optimized for SEO can be enriched with videos, images and more.

Published on 07/19/2023Sébastien Vassaux

Learn how to generate a blog automatically with the power of AI

Content is key, you know that!

If you write good content which covers the search queries on various search engines, this content will rank high and you will get inbound traffic.

That is why many companies hire a content manager to write pieces of content on the different subjects they feel they might get an audience.

This is a lengthy process: it's difficult to write more than 1 article per day, it often requires instead up to one week to get a good piece of content out.

That means you will spend no less than $60k in salaries for a maximum of 300 articles.

Reboom helps you get 100 times the reach at 1/100 the cost

Reboom is leveraging marketing expertise and artificial intelligence to help you rank high on every query your users make on search engine tools.

With the help of an AI, reboom writes a very relevant blog article answering each of those queries. Those outputs are optimized for SEO by our own algorithms.

Give me an example

Imagine a software company providing restaurants with a tool to optimize their back of the house operations. The software helps with menu engineering, procurement and HACCP.

For procurement issues, clients of this company will query google with the following: "restaurant supply chain management", "supply chain for restaurant industry", "success rate of restaurants"... and more than 4000 other variations.

For each of those term, reboom writes a 20-line article with an h1 title matching the search query. Everything is made to guarantee a high ranking on search engines and attract visitors. Those visitors are pushed towards your own website and convert into qualified leads and then customers.

This software company is actually a real client of reboom and after a few days of generating a blog with 4000 pages got a jump in traffic of more than 100% (red zone below)!

google analytics jump in traffic

What's more?

Dive into the following resources to understand better how reboom will help you meet success.

The sonner you benefit from this, the better. If your competitors leverage this before you do, they might secure positions that will be difficult to challenge later on.

Reboom is the new tool to boost content production and distribution. Take over your competitors before they do!
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