Display reboom content under your own domain
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Display reboom content under your own domain

Making a DNS redirection allows you to point a subdomain to an external domain where you can host your content. This means you can use a third-party service to host your content while still having a custom subdomain and maintaining control over your main domain.

Published on 04/10/2024Sébastien Vassaux

Why having content on your own domain is better

Having content on your own website is better for SEO than hosting it elsewhere, even if you cannot edit the content, because it helps establish your website as a reputable and authoritative source of information. When you host content on a third-party platform, that platform receives the majority of the SEO benefits and traffic from that content. In contrast, when you host the content on your own website, you can benefit from improved search engine rankings and increased traffic to your website.

Due to this reason, reboom does not permit crawlers to access reboom domains. Therefore, you have two options: export the data to your own content management system or subscribe to our Smart Hosting solution and configure your DNS records as explained below.

How does redirection with DNS work

DNS redirection works by pointing a domain name to a different IP address or server. When a user types in a URL or clicks on a link, their device sends a request to a DNS server to look up the IP address associated with the domain name. The DNS server then sends the user's device to the IP address associated with the domain name, which serves up the website's content. With DNS redirection, website owners can point their domain names to different servers or IP addresses, allowing them to host their content on different platforms while still maintaining their own domain name and brand identity.

Configuring DNS and SSL can help redirect a subdomain to content hosted on another server in the following ways:

DNS Configuration: The Domain Name System (DNS) is responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses. By configuring the DNS records of a domain, you can point the subdomain to the IP address of the server hosting the content you want to redirect to.

For example, if you want to redirect the subdomain "blog.example.com" to a different server, you can create a DNS record for the subdomain that points to the IP address of the server where the blog content is hosted. This can be done by adding a DNS A record or CNAME record to the DNS zone file of the domain.

Configure the redirection from your domain to our server

Add a domain within reboom interface

Go to the domain section, and add a subdomain value in the Name field.


Reboom domain screenshot

Note: validation is available only if you have already set a payment method in the Account & Invoicing section.

Identify your DNS Hosting Service

Click on the link of NS lookup

NS Lookup - Lookup Nameserver of any Domain

NS Lookup tool lookup the nameserver records of any domain. NS records are essential to verify because non-existent or wrong NS records may lead to downtime.

Type your main domain, like reboom.co

Identify your service in the new zone. For Reboom it's Amazon. Therefore we can refer to the documentation relative to Amazon Route 53.

NS lookup for reboom.co

Insert a new CNAME record

You need to configure a new CNAME record in your DNS zone so that your subdomain blog.your_domain.tld points to our servers.

with prefix


or anything else you want to have

with value


Don't miss the final point at the end of the previous value.

with TTL

60 or 600: the lowest value you can in order to speed up the propagation.

List of DNS Hosting Services

Here is how you can do it on various platforms. If your platform is not referenced here, check your help desk, ask your technical team, or drop us a message and we will help.


AdGuard DNS

Amazon Route 53

Azure DNS

Bluehost DNS

Cisco Umbrella



DigitalOcean DNS

DreamHost DNS




Google Cloud DNS

HostGator DNS

Hostinger DNS


Linode DNS

Name.com DNS



Netlify DNS


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS

OVHcloud DNS



Rackspace DNS


SiteGround DNS

Verisign DNS

Vultr DNS

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