No Bullshit Growth Agency

We help you get actionable insight to build an internal growth machine.

We'll go over the basics very fast and we'll ask you to implicate an internal developer to build automations that will save your marketing & sales teams hundreds of hours.


Cover The Basics

Make sure you have the basic setup to monitor and scale your lead generation and sales processes.

Main benefits

Structure your website properly: segment your offer, build an SEO-optimized blog, optimize Google Insights metrics

Track your conversions: install Google Tag Manager, configure Google Analytics, trigger events with the data layer

Warm up your audience before getting in touch: understand the concept, launch cold email campaigns, use LinkedIn automation tools, remarket your visitors with advertising platforms

Optimize your internal organization: recruit better with ghSMART, structure your onboarding, secure and organize your knowledge, become a lean and agile organization

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Scrap LinkedIn At Scale

We have a method to help you create dozens of fake LinkedIn profiles that you can use to scrape high-quality data.

Main benefits

Optimize your profile and publish content: rewrite your profile for conversions, motivate your team to write content, automate and schedule content sharing

Overcome invitation limits with fake profiles: generate identities, connect through a VPN, register on LinkedIn, and increase activity

Scale data scraping: find the right tool, establish a routine, create campaigns, leverage data from your CRM

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cold call

Finally Learn Cold Calling Done Right

Cold calling can be intimidating. Many salespeople struggle with it.

We'll help you make it work.

Main benefits

Learn how to organize: software, headset, dual screen, prospect lists...

Lead by example: an experienced salesperson or a founder needs to participate in cold calling sessions

Build team dynamics: establish regular time slots for cold calls and share the results

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growth app

Build An Internal Growth Machine

Bridge the gap between tech, sales, and marketing.

We'll show you how a developer on your team can use their skills to save hundreds of hours of work for the entire team.

Main benefits

Connect lead generation tools with your CRM

Clean and enrich your data

Send notifications for various events to help save a lot of time

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